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Hand-Held Explosive Detector : with both vapor and particulate detection capabilities, allowing for non-invasive search of luggage, mail, vehicles, documents and containers.

Kinds of Detection : C-4, black powder, PETN, Semtex, RDX, TNT, Ammonium and Urea Nitrates, Dynamite, NG, ICAO taggants, EGDN & DMNB, TATP,and peroxides, nitrates etc.

1. GSS 3500 : Traditional Model. detects not only commercially available explosives(peroxide explosives)
but also home made explosives(nitrate based explosives) which many other brand can not detect.

2. UEDD : Unique Infrared sampling mode(not available on any other Explosive Detectors) enables the detection of non volatile explosives in vapor mode. Radio active material(Dirty Bomb) detection(optional) available.

3. Mini Explonix : latest model. more compact type with cheaper price with excellent detection.


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